Doctors Start New Residency to Learn More About Treating Addiction

By Staff Writer

Primary care doctors often have the greatest chance of spotting signs of addiction in an individual and helping that person seek addiction rehab treatment. However, the majority of these physicians have received little training in matters of addiction, making them less effective than they could be.

As part of an effort to address this issue, the American Board of Addiction Medicine recently created a residency program at 10 different colleges to help physicians get specialized skills in treating addiction. According to American Medical News, the first 20 enrollees in these programs will begin training this July.

Officials told the news source that most efforts to treat addiction focus on psychiatric issues. However, training medical doctors to handle substance issues could open up many new therapeutic options. It could also make drug rehab programs more accessible to a greater number of addicts.

There are already a number of new treatment options, including suboxone, which treats the physical components of addiction. Providing doctors with more training in these approaches could improve addiction treatment.