Decreased Rates Of Smoking In Minneapolis Residents

Cigarette usage accounts for 87 percent of lung cancer deaths, according to Smoking Statistics, a cigarette addiction resource site. As a leading cause of preventable death, substance abuse programs are working to help addicts kick the habit. However, many individuals are already taking their own initiative to steer clear of nicotine addiction, according to HealthDay News.

A recent study found that the number of smokers in Minneapolis notably declined over the past 30 years. Experts say that this is not only a result of more addicts quitting, but more people choosing not to smoke in the first place.

“The magnitude of the decrease was a little larger than expected but the bigger surprise was that, among those people who continued to smoke, they decreased their cigarette consumption,” study author Kristian Filion told the news source.

New legislation and the high price of cigarettes these days are also contributing to the smaller amount of smokers, according to experts.

One in ten people die due to a cigarette-related illness, Smoke Statistics reports. Substance abuse programs can provide individuals with the resources they need to kick the habit.