Drug Courts Help Addicts Overcome Dependency

By Staff Writer

Cocaine addiction and other types of habitual drug use can be difficult to overcome. However, when a user is given the proper resources and addiction rehab treatment, it is possible to end a drug dependency.

Many districts throughout the country are now coming around to this point of view and offering some non-violent drug offenders the chance to complete a rehab program instead of going to jail. These drug courts, as they are known, seek to reduce the number of people in prison by helping individuals end their addiction.

“It’s been life-changing,” a Bay City, Michigan man told the Bay City Times after completing a drug court program. “My wife would say it’s been the best year-and-a-half since we’ve been married, and that’s been 20 years.”

Officials from the program told the news source that it has so far helped 170 participants get clean instead of going to jail.

The National Association of Drug Court Professionals states that recidivism rates have been proven to be lower among those who complete such a program, compared to offenders who are sent to prison.