Budget Struggles Make Funding Addiction Treatment A Tough Choice In Some States

By Staff Writer

In this climate of budget shortfalls, state and local lawmakers have to make tough financial decisions. While some are working to save drug rehab programs, others believe that they are an unnecessary expense that should be done away with for the sake of budgetary health. However, addiction experts are increasingly saying that governments should focus on supporting recovery.

Dr. Hassan Jafary, an addiction researcher from West Virginia, recently told the Beckly Register-Herald that his state’s efforts to fund drug rehab programs are likely to be much more productive than the efforts of other states to slash spending on addiction.

Some members of the West Virginia legislature recently proposed setting aside $60 million from a potential cigarette tax to fund addiction treatment services.

Jafary told the news source that jails are not suitable place for drug addicts because they will not receive the emotional support and medical advice that is needed to truly beat their addiction. Instead, he said they need substance abuse help.

Several states including Nevada and Illinois have recently proposed cutting addiction treatment services.