Addiction To Social Media Sites Grows

By Staff Writer

These days, it may seem that nearly everyone is on at least one social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. While many individuals use these sites as tools to connect with family and friends, a new survey has found that many users – especially of social gaming – may become addicted and require help from treatment centers.

The survey – which was conducted by British marketing company, Lightspeed Research – found that 24 percent of Facebook users play social games like Farmville and Mafia Wars multiple times every day. Additionally, 17 percent of respondents reported that they are addicted to the games, and that that their desire to play can interfere with their lives.

Ralph Risk, the company’s director, said that these numbers are higher than was previously thought, and that the number of people who are addicted to social media sites and the games on those sites is growing.

In fact, psychiatric researchers from the University of Connecticut have estimated that 3 to 6 percent of all Internet users have a problem that may require addiction treatment, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.