Adolescent Addiction Rates Rise

Nearly 52 percent of high school seniors have admitted to using illicit drugs since 2003, according to Substance abuse among teenagers is not uncommon, which means that the potential for addiction runs high. Rehab facilities can provide young adults with the assistance they need to quit and bring relief to their loved ones.

Connor James, a Missouri high school student, is the perfect example of a teen who found himself in over his head with drugs. During his freshman year, James began experimenting with prescription pills, according to the Hattiesburg American. Eventually, the experimentation spiraled into addiction. James has been clean since graduating from drug court, but his story is not out of the norm for teens around his age.

“He would go two or three days without eating or sleeping, then he would sleep for four days straight,” LeAnne Casiano, James’ mother, told the news source.

Symptoms of prescription drug addiction may include mood swings, temporary anxiety relief and depression. Individuals who fear they may be dependent on a substance are encouraged to seek help at a rehabilitation facility. Experts can provide the resources addicts need to detoxify and turn their lives around.