Prescription Drug Epidemic May Be Fueling Surge in Heroin Addiction Rates

By Staff Writer

Prescription drug abuse has become a wide-spread problem, touching many communities throughout the country. Now, experts believe that the situation will soon result in higher rates of heroin addiction, as painkiller users often turn to heroin when their prescription habit becomes too expensive.

Law enforcement officials from throughout the state of Tennessee told the Tennessean that they are beginning to see many signs that heroin addiction may making a surge in the state. They have recently made several large seizures of drugs, and some think that this could presage a new generation of addicts.

Cost is the main driver of the shift from prescription drug abuse to heroin addiction. Officials told the news source that a single painkiller pill can cost anywhere from $30 to $80, while a gram of heroin – which can provide several doses – costs around $150.

Communities throughout the U.S. have seen people making this transition from prescription drugs to heroin, and many believe the situation poses a great threat to citizens’ health and safety. In order to fight the abuse of these drugs, the Obama administration recently unveiled a new plan that calls for a crackdown on suppliers of pills.