New Partnership Seeks to Limit Effects of Heroin Abuse

By Staff Writer

Heroin addiction is a growing problem for many communities. After rates of use declined for about a decade, law enforcement officials and rehab program workers are saying that they are seeing more and more people suffering from the problem.

Given the power of the drugs and increasing rates of use, a growing number of users are overdosing on heroin. Media reports have indicated that the problem is particularly prevalent in states such as Florida, Illinois and Ohio.

In order to fight this growing problem, a new partnership between private educational groups in Chicago will seek to educate members of the public on the dangers of abusing heroin.

The Robert Crown Center for Health Education and the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy recently created a three-year strategy that focuses on studying the impact of heroin addiction, developing content to provide to school teachers and implementing the educational strategy.

Officials said that their efforts will fill holes in currently existing drug education programs. This could leave young people better prepared to turn down the drug in the future and help them avoid the need for addiction rehab.