Methadone Can Be Deadly When Combined With Other Drugs

By Staff Writer

Methadone can be an effective medication to help individuals stop using opiates. However, when it is combined with other forms of drug abuse, such as cocaine addiction, the results are often severe.

A recent report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office showed that 89 percent of the individuals who died in Florida in 2007 from a methadone overdose were also found to be taking at least one other substance, according to the Fort Meyers News Press.

The report indicated that methadone is growing in prevalence and may be easier for addicts to access. This could be a good thing for those who are dependent and opiates. However, cocaine addicts and other substance abusers may experience serious complications from combining the two drugs.

It is possible to guard against an individual ingesting methadone after using other drugs when the medication is administered in a clinic. However, there are rules that allow patients to take methadone home with them, where it is sometimes given or sold to friends who may have used other substances.

The diversion of methadone accounts for the majority of deaths associated with the medications, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center.