Ohio Firefighters Help Respond To Increase In Heroin Overdose Cases

Overdoses as a result of drugs, such as heroin, are not uncommon. However, a rise in the number of poisoning cases is leading many communities to begin investing in additional training for paramedics, firefighters and police officers.

In Marion County, Ohio, firefighters have responded to at least one case of a drug overdose during every shift for the past few weeks, according to the Marion Star. Heroin use has become increasingly common in the region, which can result in cardiac arrest and death when taken in large doses. Lieutenant Wade Ralph is pushing for more training for firefighters who may lack experience in handling drug cases.

Detectives are now sharing tips with firefighters and local authorities on how to address overdose cases on the job. Officials are being trained on how to identify drugs, recognize odors and hone in on paraphernalia, such as needles.

Opiate addiction is becoming more common across the country as the price of prescription drugs rises. Similar to pills, heroin can provide addicts with a high.

Drug addiction costs the U.S. more than $484 billion every year, according to the Department of Justice. Drug rehab centers can provide addicts with the help they need to detoxify over time.