Butler County, OH Drug Court Helps Hundreds

Many counties that are faced with illicit substance abuse issues establish drug courts to help addicts detoxify. These drug rehab programs are geared toward helping individuals avoid becoming repeat offenders.

Butler County, Ohio, is one example of a county that developed a drug court to help addicts avoid jail time and become productive members of society. Recently, a graduation ceremony was held to commend 20 participants who completed the program and detoxified over time, according to the Middletown Journal.

Many individuals thanked their family members and friends, but one graduate took the time to thank Judge Keith Spaeth. A participant claimed that Spaeth’s efforts and the drug court team “saved her life.”

More than 486 people have graduated from the drug rehab program since it was established in 1996. A graduation ceremony is held every six months for individuals who successfully finish the session. Spaeth told the news source that despite the operational costs, the drug court has been successful in reducing crime rates.

Approximately 20 million Americans admitted to using illicit substances within a 30-day period in 2006, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Family Services. Rehabilitation facilities can help individuals get clean over time.