Former Drug Addict Turns To Art To Stay Sober

Children are easily influenced by the action of their parents, and adults who do not provide a good example typically put their kids at risk of developing detrimental habits themselves.

Chris Raab is a former addict who knows first hand about how a parent can play a defining role in a child’s life, according to the Ohio News-Herald. Raab’s mother heavily used drugs throughout his childhood, which led him to begin abusing illicit substances as well. When she eventually lost her battle with addiction, Raab started to use more drugs until his life spiraled out of control.

Raab suffered from an overdose before he was ready to face the reality of his addiction. In an effort to release his angst elsewhere, Raab turned to art instead of drugs. He considers every day to be a struggle to stay sober, but he maintains his health by putting his energy into his artwork. In his spare time, Raab now counsels other addicts who are trying to get clean.

Drug addiction costs the U.S. more than $484 billion every year, according to the Department of Justice. Drug rehab centers can help individuals detoxify and live healthier lives.