Raising Alcohol Tax Could Benefit Many Communities

By Staff Writer

In an effort to help reduce the burden of alcohol addiction, local governments across the country are considering raising taxes on liquor to help fund enhanced drug rehab programs.

Impact DWI, a group that advocates for higher taxes on alcohol, says that drunk driving accidents, alcoholism and fetal alcohol syndrome are all linked to the availability of beverages. However, lawmakers could curb many of these problems through higher taxes. Additionally, the increased revenues could help fund drug rehab and relapse prevention programs.

Lawmakers in Polk County, Florida recently approved a similar measure that would raise taxes on alcohol by 1 percent, according to the Winter Haven News Chief. If the bill is approved by voters, the funds generated from the tax could be used for employment training, education and housing initiatives for addicts.

County commissioners told the news source that they believe the initiative could bring a great deal of relief to individuals in the county who struggle with addictions to alcohol and other substances. It could make liquor less attainable and provide much needed substance abuse help.