Minnesota Program Helps Youth Avoid Drug Abuse

Substance abuse programs for youth help kids stay away from drugs, but mentoring can emphasize the benefits of living drug-free to children as well. Minnesota programs have seen large amounts of success amidst a rise in drug usage in the area, partially due to mentoring in the education process.

Chad, a former addict, is one of the many people who joined a substance abuse program in Minnesota to turn his life around. He began doing hard drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, around age 16. Even though he came from a good home, Chad says peer pressure and the availability of drugs eventually resulted in his addiction, according to the Minnesota Daily.

“You can find heroin pretty much anywhere in the Twin Cities,” Chad told the news source. “It’s an epidemic. My children – now I don’t know if they’re doing heroin, but I know there is OxyContin involved – and that is the step before heroin.”

Chad is on the road to recovery, but many children in the Minneapolis area are now suffering from the same pressures he endured when he was a teen. Substance abuse programs for youth are working to give kids healthier alternatives to drugs.