A Positive Reaction To Alcohol May Increase Individuals Risk For Addiction

By Staff Writer

An individual’s response to the effects of alcohol may predict their future risk of abuse, alcoholism and need for addiction rehab therapy, according to a new study from a group of Swedish researchers.

The University of Gothenburg team found that individuals who report more stimulating effects from alcohol, including happy mood and feelings of reward, tended to have family members with a history of alcoholism. Susceptibility to alcohol abuse is known to run in families, and those with a family history are considered to be at higher risk.

The findings indicate that those who react strongly and positively to the effects of alcohol may also be at a greater risk for addiction, the researchers said. They recommended that individuals who notice that they have this strong response should try to hold their drinking in check and avoid consuming more alcoholic beverages than recommended.

This study may also help identify individuals who may benefit from a rehab program. Those who have a family history of addiction or experience stimulation from drinking and are unable to control their alcohol use may improve their condition through this type of treatment.