New Report Cites Prevalence of Binge Drinking

By Staff Writer

Binge drinking can contribute to a range of health problems and may also lead to alcohol addiction that necessitates substance abuse treatment. Despite these troubling facts, a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that binge drinking is continuing to rise.

Binge drinking is responsible for more than half of the 79,000 alcohol-related deaths each year and results in millions of potential years of life lost. However, the report found that little progress has been made in curbing the practices.

According to the report, two out of three high school students reported episodes of binge drinking – which was defined for women as consuming four or more alcoholic beverages and five or more for men – in the last month. Roughly 33 percent of adults reported binge drinking.

Robert Brewer, who led the study, told CNN that the practice may lead to range of health complications, especially among young people.

“Binge drinking at any level is associated with increase harm to health, similar to smoking. Any is undesirable,” he told the news source. “Even though we’re reporting quite high rates of binge drinking among adults and youth, I think there is good reason to believe it is significantly underreported.”