Mississippi Drug Court Sees Success

More than 20 million Americans admitted to using illicit substances during a 30-month span in 2006, according to Drug Addiction Support, a statistics site. Drug rehab centers can provide substance abuse help, but many people turn to crime before seeking help for addiction.

Hernando, Mississippi is one example of a community that is attempting to reduce substance abuse through drug courts, according to the Desoto Times-Tribune. In addition to helping offenders receive help for addiction, city officials told the news source that they have saved taxpayers more than $1.4 million through its 17th district drug court.

More than 30 individuals have turned their lives around since the establishment of the drug rehab program in 2006. The program takes between three and five years to complete. This year, 23 people graduated from the drug court. Approximately 236 individuals are currently enrolled in the program in an attempt to come clean.

Illicit substances can be linked back to nearly half of the crimes committed in the U.S., according to Drug Addiction Support. Drug rehab centers can help individuals in trouble with the law detoxify and become functioning members of society.