Minnesota Lawmakers Pass .08 Law

The Minnesota General Assembly has passed a bill to lower the state’s drunk-driving standard from 0.10 percent blood-alcohol content to 0.08 percent beginning on Aug. 1, 2005, the Saint Paul Pioneer Press reported March 16.

After a joint committee worked out differences, the Minnesota Senate passed the measure with a 47-13 vote and the Minnesota House of Representatives followed with a 105-26 vote.

Some lawmakers resisted the change, saying small counties and cities don’t have the resources to enforce the lower standard. The compromise bill delays the law until 2005 to allow the legislature to find money to address enforcement costs.

A spokesman for Gov. Tim Pawlenty said the governor has not indicated whether he would sign the compromise bill into law.

If the bill becomes law, Delaware would be the only remaining state with a 0.10 percent drunk-driving standard.