Holiday Celebrations And Alcohol Abuse

The holiday season can be a time for rest and relaxation, and many people choose to consume alcohol to unwind. However, drinking in excessive amounts can be dangerous and even fatal. There are a few tips individuals can keep in mind to control their drinking during the holidays, according to Medical News Today.

Experts say that setting a limit on the number of drinks to be consumed at one event can be beneficial. By coming up with a defined amount, people can keep a goal in mind prior to attending a holiday dinner or cocktail party.

When hosting an event, individuals are reminded that alcohol does not have to be the focus of the party. Serving non-alcoholic beverages after a set time can prevent an event from spiraling out of control.

Drinking on an empty stomach can be dangerous, according to researchers. Eating before having a few drinks can give the body substances to absorb alcohol as it is consumed. Experts say that this can help slow the intoxication process down. Excessive drinking can lead to making decisions that endanger the lives of others.

More than 79,000 people died due to excessive alcohol use between 2001 and 2005, according to the Centers for Disease Controls. Drug rehab centers can help individuals suffering from alcohol addiction, but taking precautionary measures can prevent a dependency from developing over time.