Women More Likely To Hide Addiction Than Men

More than 6 million children under the age of 18 live with an alcoholic parent in the U.S., according to Alcohol Information, an alcoholism resource site. Stress often causes parents to turn to substance abuse, and high alcohol intake can result in dependency over time. Rehabilitation facilities can help individuals detoxify, but many parents are still in denial.

Experts say that women are more likely to hide their addictions than men, according to Working Mother, a parenting advice site. Mothers are also less inclined to seek for help in fear of failing those who depend on them.

Instead, they drink “in the dark,” or in the comfort of their own homes to cope with their stress.

“Most addicts lead a secret life,” Casolaro co-founder Robert Smith told the news source. “Everyone might think they’re doing fine – their kids might be getting straight As. But inside, they’re dying.”

Casolaro is a New York-based group that was founded to help families hold interventions for loved ones who are struggling with addiction. Rehabilitation facilities can help stressed moms recover over time, but it may take the advice of a friend or family member to encourage them to get help.