Heavy Alcohol Consumption May Increase Heart Risk

By Staff Writer

Some evidence has suggested that moderate drinking may reduce the risk of heart disease. However, for many individual who struggle with alcohol addiction and have been through substance abuse treatment, even light to moderate drinking is not an option. When drinking remains heavy for long periods of time, heart health complications may occur.

In fact, a team of Chinese researchers recently found that individuals who drink heavily are over two times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who never drink.

Additionally, they found that moderate alcohol consumption also increases the risk of heart disease, which is contrary to the findings of Western researchers who have studied the heart effects of drinking.

The researchers said that there may be differences in alcohol tolerance between Chinese and Western individuals that may account for the difference in the findings. However, they suggested that any individual who is concerned that alcohol is having a negative effect on their heart health start to cut back.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and experts say it is entirely preventable. One way for those struggling with alcohol addiction to reduce their risk is to seek therapy from a rehab facility.