Happy Hour Promotions May Encourage Violence

By Staff Writer

In addition to promoting alcohol addiction, pubs and bars that offer cheep drink prices as part of happy hour promotions may also cause an increase in drinking-related violence, according to a new study from a team of UK researchers.

For the study, investigators went to several bars in 5 different cities throughout the UK. They recorded drink prices, noted whether or not there were happy hour promotions going on and took breathalyzer measurements of patrons as they exited.

After reviewing all crime reports from the establishments, the researchers found that bars and pubs that offered happy hour specials also had the highest rates of violence. Additionally, customers at these locations tended to be far more intoxicated upon leaving.

The researchers said that bartenders bear much of the responsibility for the increased levels of violence. There are laws in place that are intended to prevent workers from serving individuals who are clearly intoxicated. However, the findings of the study appear to indicate that these are rarely acted upon, as many of the people the team ran into were beyond reasonable levels of intoxication.