Experts Worry That Alcohol Research Sends Mixed Messages

By Staff Writer

In light of recent scientific findings, which have indicated that moderate amounts of alcohol consumption may have health benefits, some medical professionals have recommended that their patients consume modest amounts of liquor. However, experts say that this may be sending the wrong message and could contribute to addiction and the need for substance abuse help.

Dr. Maurizio Ponz de Leon, an Italian physician, recently wrote in the journal Internal and Emergency Medicine that there are many downsides to drinking, and that advocating it as a potentially beneficial activity may result in further risk.

He said that many people may not understand the difference between moderate consumption and heavy drinking. Additionally, alcohol affects people differently. Moderate drinking for one person may be heavy for another.

Given these risks, he said that medical professionals and researchers should be careful about messages they are sending to patients concerning alcohol consumption. While it may have some cardiovascular health benefits when used responsibly, the possibility for addiction and misuse remains strong. Warning patients against these risks may help them avoid drug rehab centers.