Events Help Support Addicts’ Recovery

By Staff Writer

Individuals who struggle with addiction often find it difficult to admit their problems publicly. This can make it difficult to seek help from rehab facilities, which could greatly increase their odds of kicking their habits.

In an effort to help more drug and alcohol addicts admit their problems, the Department of Health and Human Services is sponsoring National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. Health organizations across the country are hosting events that are intended to make the public aware of the problems faced by addicts.

For example, the Rockland Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependency is sponsoring a rally in Upper Nyack, New York that aims intended to give individuals who are struggling with chemical dependency a chance to talk about their struggles with drugs or alcohol, according to the Journal News.

Organizers told the news source that, due to dwindling funding of state-run addiction treatment programs, events like this will help addicts find support as they try to end their dependency.

Groups across the country are holding similar events, including fundraisers, road races, and town hall meetings