College Groups Support Recovering Addicts

By Staff Writer

For many college students, binge drinking and other forms of excessive substance use are viewed as a rite of passage. However, a growing number of school officials and student health groups are warning that this type of consumption is dangerous, and can lead to addiction that necessitates stays at rehab facilities.

For example, students at Oxnard College in California recently began a club to provide support for recovering addicts, according to the school’s paper.

College can be a difficult place to maintain sobriety after recovering from an addiction. However, club officials said that they wanted to provide affected individuals with a welcoming atmosphere where they could be free from the pressures to abuse drugs and alcohol.

“We’re not just a club, we’re a family,” Elizabeth Brooks, the club’s president, told the news source. “We began this club for many reasons, but mainly to give recovering addicts more resources and support.”

Evidence suggests that more campuses could use similar addiction treatment and recovery support programs. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, more than 44 percent of college students report at least one symptom of alcoholism.