British Drunks Barred from Buying Alcohol

The British government is updating a 1902 “three-strikes” law that says anyone convicted of three offenses related to drunkenness within 12 months can be prohibited from buying alcohol for three years, the Daily Telegraph reported June 21.

The language of the century-old law has been updated in the Licensing Act 2003 currently before Parliament. The Home Office’s Police Standards Unit is encouraging police to “make more use” of the 1902 law.

The measure also urges police to use the authority given to them under 1980 legislation to prohibit individuals convicted of violence in pubs, clubs, or bars from patronizing such establishments again.

British police have been trying to deal with alcohol-fueled violence, particularly during evening at the end of the work week. This month, police councils and the alcohol industry are launching an enforcement campaign in 70 areas to “tackle aggressively the individuals who drink irresponsibly and the problem bars and clubs who encourage them.”